27 March 2008


Have reverted to a diet consisting of 1.5 meals per day, 27 cups of coffee and far too many cigarettes.

This can only mean one thing: separation anxiety.

And, in case you're curious, here's what an Abel-bodied life looks like over the next two months:

April 8: Fly to London-Gatwick
April 8-11: Stay with Great Aunt Daphne (paternal side of things) and attend to Tara business/art exhibitions.
April 11-17: Visit with Doug and Li Elsey in Brighton (it's about damn time).
April 17-21: Abel family reunion on the isle of Manhattan
April 21: Drive with the Dons to Muskoka. 10 hour parental road trip - watch out!
April 25: Dawn, ever the trooper, goes in for surgery #4.
May 10-ish: Move to Seattle, WA!

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